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The integrated antenna has been used on a large scale in TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE systems, but since the integrated antenna consists of multiple arrays, nine RF cables need to be connected, resulting in a "big braid" problem in the actual construction As the external connection joints are more (consider the antenna and RRU between the joints, a total of 18 joints) difficult to build and the fault point has been TD construction and operation and maintenance of the larger problems facing. In addition, in the multi-band use process, different frequency RRU equipment need to achieve cascade between, in accordance with the traditional way also need to add 18 joints, so the future multi-band sharing when the outdoor antenna will need at least 36 joints, will lead to engineering problems Further deterioration and seriously affect the quality of the network. The Forstar integrated antenna product is a multi-coaxial cluster cable connector for multi-array antennas and RRU (such as smart antennas and RRUs for TD-SCDMA or LTE systems). The traditional antenna multi-point connection method integration, greatly reducing the problem of failure, improve product electrical performance and reliability.
With the rapid development of the communication industry, the diversification of product requirements, the complexity of the system, the function of integration and other features become increasingly prominent, the application requirements require different functions to combine to simplify the operation, reduce the size, reduce weight, improve reliability and so on. China Aviation Forstar high and low frequency mixed product integration came into being, including the GJB599 derived products, GJB2446 derived products, GJB177A modular product line, GJB142A derived series derived products. To meet the customer equipment, a variety of integrated needs. We have excellent product design, excellent manufacturing, excellent and stable mechanical properties and electrical performance, good weather resistance, to provide you with high-quality integrated system solutions.