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Avic Forstar >Solution>Test and Measurement
Forstar test grade adapter frequency range DC ~ 67GHz, the product has high performance, high reliability and other characteristics, mainly used in microwave measurement and measurement, communications and other fields. The current products are mainly N series, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm and other types.
Inter-series adapter is mainly used for the transfer of the interface during the test. At present, the series of interconnections produced by Forstar are N / 2.92 series, N / 2.4 series, 1.85 / 2.4 series, 1.85 / 2.92 series and 2.4 /2.92 series. Product performance is good, high reliability, widely used in microwave test and measurement, satellite communications and other fields.
The test cable assemblies produced by Forstar have excellent electrical and mechanical stability. The component frequency can reach 67GHz. According to the user's application environment, the test cable assembly can be divided into general test cable assembly, field test cable assembly, laboratory test cable assembly And other products. General test cable assembly with bare wire structure, field test cable assembly with bare wire + armor structure, the cable has a very good protective effect. Laboratory test cable assembly with bare + armor + nylon jacket structure, product life and repeatability is relatively high. Product cost-effective, able to meet the various needs of customers.
Test accessories are mainly metal dust caps, torque wrenches and other products. Metal dust caps are mainly SMA, SMC, TNC, BNC, N series. On the one hand can be dust, on the other hand also play a protective role on the connector side. Torque wrenches are the latest generation of high-quality torque tools developed by the latest technology, with standard torque, custom torque, and adjustable torque.