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Avic forstar launch one D-type cluster cable assembly


Avic forstar launched a D-type cluster cable assembly, can be achieved signal transmission or RF signal testing between the communication equipment. Can be used as a board-to-terminal or other 4G / 5G communications equipment applications.

The rectangular cluster cable assembly connector using D-SUB connector base, the product structure in line with GJB142A standard. Into the coaxial RF connector to achieve RF signal transmission, the product has shortened development cycle, low cost, maintainability and so on.


Key parameters: available rf channel or other signal configuration rich diversity, the length of the cable can customize according to customer's specific.

    operating frequency:DC~4.0 GHz
    Coaxial interference between the performance:
    Mating life>500 times

At present the development of a variety of channels 2,3,5,8 , and other mixed high and low frequency common structure.