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Avic forstar launched C8B series of RF coaxial connectors


December 2016, We launched high-power RF coaxial connector C8B which is suitable for board, the series of this products for the newly developed a suitable for inter-board connection of high-power plug-in connector .

It is characterized by fast connection, high reliability, within operating frequency    DC~15GHz, it has a very good power resistance performance, with axial floating and a certain radial floating function.

It is compared with the standard TNC, it has the high use frequency 、fast connection,  can be achieved quickly plug between the board to board,  effectively solve the high-power signal transmission between the board.


key parameter:

Operating frequency:DC~15.0GHz;
Axial floating:2.0mm,Radial floating:±0.1mm;
Power:High altitude average power 57W;