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We launched the vacuum 1500V pressure N-type DC blocker


July 2016, the well-known connector supplier - Avic forstar science and technology Co., Ltd., launched an N-type DC blocker, this product is mainly to solve the pressure in the vacuum. pressure requirements ≥ 1500V. Products can be used in the field of aerospace, rail systems, leaky cable tunnel wireless distribution system.

    The DC blocker uses a unique dielectric coupling method to block the internal and external conductors at the same time, effectively blocking the DC path, and does not affect the high-frequency wireless signal transmission. Product appearance is small, light weight, low cost. The product can be used under normal conditions, can also be used for vacuum conditions, the test conditions: vacuum maintained at about 5x10-3Pa, room temperature around 30 ℃, input power 30W, vacuum withstand ≥ 1500V, DC blocking test insulation Stable, no vacuum discharge phenomenon.

    Compared with the conventional DC blockers, couplers, etc., which N-type DC blocker has excellent electrical properties, performance parameters are as follows:

     characteristic impedance:50Ω
     interface type:N(F-M)
     Medium pressure (vacuum):≥1500V
     operating frequency:DC~6GHz
     insertion loss≤0.25dB