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Avic forstar company in 1998 by Jianxiong Guo, and other five people rent a house by 20,000 yuan to create, specializing in the production of radio frequency connectors. International this profession is the emergence of World War II, China since the 70's began specialized production, to 1998 China has more than 600 professional manufacturers. In almost all of the circumstances, Forstar determined to do first-class enterprises, put forwa…
Welcome to visit our website.Here is to show our company and our subsidiaries operating platform, is also to show our big love culture, family culture, happy culture of the platform, look forward to in such a platform, you can get more attention and give us your precious opinion. After our unremitting efforts, especially the application of Chinese traditional culture well the soft power, our company has become the application…
Founder of the company from its inception, in order to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture values as the leading factor, through innovative management, corporate culture inherited traditional Chinese wisdom, good for business, to love, win honor for our country enterprises, the cure was founded and formed a "big love" as the core of "family" enterprise culture mode and "let employees happy, let customer satisfaction" business purposes. …
Company active to play social responsibility, to more with social sense of behavior enhanced its competition advantage, is committed to became excellence of enterprise citizens, senior led first examples, to de for this, to de rule enterprises, advocate integrity, and practice line integrity, to systematic of management system for support, continued perform social public responsibility, and moral responsibility, and public support, to achieved me…